Student Mentor Guidelines

(As Adopted by NCRA)

  • I respect my mentor's time, and I promise to keep my e-mails short and to the point.
  • I will try to keep requests for expedited responses to a minimum.
  • I realize the relationship between myself and my mentor is professional and that our communications should remain private. 
  • When venting frustration or concern, I will not use profanity, make derogatory remarks, or specify names of people or entities in my communications.
  • I will notify my mentor when I am unavailable to receive/send e-mails.
  • I understand and acknowledge that any views, opinions, guidance, or remarks of my mentor are specific to him/her and may not reflect the views, opinions, guidance, or remarks of the National Court Reporters Association, Illinois Court Reporters Association, or any other professional associations.
  • I promise to abide by these guidelines.  If I fail to adhere to these guidelines, I understand and agree that my name may be removed from the mentoring list.
  • I understand that the assignment of mentors is voluntary.  If my mentor elects to discontinue his/her participation in the Online Mentoring Program, and I desire to be assigned another mentor, I may choose another mentor through the ILCRA Online Mentoring Program or request reassignment through Joni Markel via e-mail.
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