ILCRA Realtime Contest Rules

Testing Criteria: The Realtime Contest consists of two five-minute legs – straight matter at 180 wpm and a two-voice dictation at 200 wpm. To qualify for a leg, contestants must have an accuracy score of 95 percent or better; the best combined score wins the championship. 

Eligibility: Any writer of shorthand who is a member of ILCRA in good standing and who has attained at least RPR, CRR, CRC, or a CSR or equivalent certification from any state..

Financial Incentives Barred: Contestants must give to the committee satisfactory assurance that they have not received, directly or indirectly, any remuneration or promise of remuneration of whatever character for entering or winning any part of this contest.

Entry Fee: Please register on the annual conference registration form. The fee is $65. Contestants must submit their contest registration forms and fee at least 15 days prior to the contest to ensure availability of adequate transcription facilities and familiarity with contest rules.

Seating Arrangement: Seating shall be at the discretion of the contest chair of the Realtime Contest.

Qualifying: Only one transcription will be permitted. A score of 95 percent or higher qualifies. In order to qualify, a contestant must write realtime into a computer and, without editing, at the direction of a contest monitor, create an ASCII/text file on a jump drive, or other peripheral data-saving medium. Those unable to produce such a file on such a medium within five minutes of such request may be disqualified at the discretion of the contest chair. The 180 straight matter can be written realtime in either all caps or mixed case. The 200 testimony MUST be written realtime in mixed case.  No transcript will be eligible for consideration with less than 95 percent accuracy.

Awards: Winners and qualifiers will be announced during the Annual Conference on Saturday or such time as shall be announced.

Medals will be awarded for first, second and third places, and an appropriate certificate awarded to those who attain a qualifying score of 95 percent or higher. The contest committee will publish/announce only names of qualifying contestants.

The contestant who qualifies with the highest percentage of those contestants who reside in Illinois will be awarded the Bonni Shuttleworth Realtime Traveling Trophy.

CEUs: Per NCRA, qualifiers are eligible to receive .25 PDCs in any one three-year CEU cycle.  Qualification is based on transcription at 95% accuracy.

All Committee Decisions Final: The decisions of the committee made under these rules, or such supplementary rules as may be found necessary at the time of the contest, shall be final.

Contest Media: All submitted printed transcripts become the property of ILCRA and will be available for participant review at the discretion of the contest chairperson.

Grading: Contestants will not be permitted to be present during the grading process. Transcripts will be marked for identification and corrected in such a manner that it will be impossible to know whose work is being examined until after the grading has been completed. No transcript will be rated that has more than 5 percent errors.

Errors: Errors shall be determined according to the current rules and guidelines of NCRA "What is an Error?" Grading Guidelines for the CRR Skills Test.