State Certification and Other Testing Information

Illinois has a state mandated Certified Shorthand Reporter examination. Following is information regarding testing, as well as the Certified Shorthand Reporter's Act and the Rules and Regulations for Administering the Certified Shorthand Reporter's Act.

Phone: 800-560-6420.  Select Option 5 for Professional Services Licensing followed by Option 8 for Shorthand Reporters.

Fees: Examination fees change from test to test. Illinois no longer requires a preliminary examination. Endorsement $75; Acceptance of Examination $25; nonexam for Restricted Shorthand Reporters $35. Endorsement based on substantially equivalent requirements in other state or NCRA.

When Given: Three times a year at the specific time and date determined by the Board. Normally it is given in the southern and northern part of Illinois in April, August and December.

Brief Description of Test:

  1. Written Knowledge: candidate must score at least 75%.
  2. Dictation Examination: 200 wpm for 5 minutes at 95% accuracy and two-voice testimony at 225 wpm for 5 minutes at 95% accuracy.

Transcription: Upon completion of both parts of the Dictation Examination, the applicant shall transcribe both parts in double space form. The applicant shall be allowed an aggregate of 3 hours to complete all transcription. (There are exam retake provisions.) Computers shall be supplied at the location of the examination.


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