These card are not from IDFPR. It is a solicitation for people to take a paid course for their licensing requirements. Reporters will satisfy the license requirement by taking the course offered by ILCRA on Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (SHPT) in just a few weeks (details coming soon). You may disregard the yellow card as it appears to just be an advertisement.







Illinois Court Reporters Association (ILCRA)

The objective of the Illinois Court Reporters Association is to assume responsibility for leadership and enlightenment of the users of verbatim shorthand reporting of proceedings and of the public regarding the special competency, importance and value of the shorthand reporting system. ILCRA works to encourage, establish and maintain high standards of professional education, competence and performance through the exchange of professional knowledge through discussion, study and publication.

ILCRA CSR Test Dates Released

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What an amazing convention in Springfield!

The 2019 Annual Convention turned out to be a great event! For those that attended, we appreciate you coming. For those that couldn't make it this year, we are sorry that you missed out. We will be posting pictures on the website and on the social media pages.


Thanks for being part of ILCRA and making the industry better. 

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