Illinois Court Reporters Association (ILCRA)

The objective of the Illinois Court Reporters Association is to assume responsibility for leadership and enlightenment of the users of verbatim shorthand reporting of proceedings and of the public regarding the special competency, importance and value of the shorthand reporting system. ILCRA works to encourage, establish and maintain high standards of professional education, competence and performance through the exchange of professional knowledge through discussion, study and publication.


To our ILCRA members and all Certified Shorthand Reporters in the State of Illinois:

The ILCRA Board is aware of questions surrounding our position on the recent legislative activity. We understand transparency is crucial for all Illinois court reporters in order to rest assured ILCRA is not only taking action, but also supporting a position that is only to the benefit of Illinois CSRs.

Part of ILCRA's strategy has been to work quietly and behind the scenes so as not to call attention to the leverage we do have legislatively.

We are aware of the concern over what ILCRA is doing. While our legislative strategy cannot always be made available to the public in order to protect our next steps, we encourage you during this time to do several things in order to help support ILCRA's efforts to monitor Illinois legislation and the potential impact to IL-CSRs.

Senate Bill 3206, which would allow voice writers to practice in Illinois by amending the Illinois Certified Shorthand Reporters Act, remains in the Senate Committee on Assignments. The bill was not voted on by the Senate committee deadline and is basically back to the drawing here to read more.

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