What an amazing convention in Springfield!

The 2019 Annual Convention turned out to be a great event and for those that went we appreciate you coming and for those that couldn't make it this year we are sorry that you missed a great convention.  We will be posting pictures up on the website and on the social media pages.

Thanks for being part of ILCRA and making the industry better. 

ILCRA CSR Test Dates Released


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December 7, 2019

NCRA is collecting confirmed reports of digital audio recording failures, and they have requested each individual state submit these reports to them, so we can aggregate evidence to help us counter common arguments that digital reporting companies make.  If you hear of such failures in Illinois, please submit them to Region 2 Representative-Official Kim Cottrell.  Her contact information is in the sidebar in this newsletter.

ILCRA recently published a lovely graphic illustrating the difference between stenotype reporting and digital reporting, which was developed by Region 1 Representative-Freelance Mary Ann Casale. That brochure can be found here.


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Audio Backup Tapes

An ILCRA member contacted us regarding case law dealing with court reporter's audio tapes. For more information, you may contact the ILCRA Board for case law stating the reporter's audio backup tapes are the reporter's personal property to which the public has no entitlement.  NCRA Advisory Opinion No. 38 can be located here. NCRA Advisory Opinion 38


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